Marjorie Gabrielle Celona

Marjorie Celona's second novel, How a Woman Becomes a Lake, is forthcoming in 2020 from Penguin Random House Canada, Little, Brown, UK, and Malpaso Ediciones (Spain).

How a Woman Becomes a Lake is the story of a woman who goes missing in a fictional Pacific Northwest fishing town called Whale Bay on New Year’s Day of 1986. Vera, a filmmaker and university professor, takes her dog for a walk during a snowstorm at a popular recreational area called Squire Point and never returns. Seven characters tell the story of her disappearance, from the day she goes missing to the present day: the rookie policeman investigating the case; Vera’s husband; a father and his two little boys who were at Squire Point the same day she disappeared; their mother; and Vera herself. Over the course of the book, it becomes clear that some of the characters are telling the truth and others—not always.

Available for pre-order in Canada from Chapters/Indigo and in the UK from Waterstones.